Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Fun Quotes To Help Get You Through The Holiday Season Sane

The holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone. We’ve compiled a few funny quotes to help inspire you through the season. ‘Tis the season to be merry, but ’tis also the season to not go insane. Read these quotes and take a minute to calm down. The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under! — Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” – Kenji Miyazawa When I said you can’t buy me love, I meant you can’t afford it on your…


Where Do Canadian Teachers Rank In The World?

As the issue of education again comes to the forefront, Canada and its highly regarded educational system finds itself under admiring scrutiny from much of the developed world. Ranking an impressive third, despite some recent slippage in math and science, in terms of recent scores on the International Student Assessment (PISA), measuring reading, math and science, Canada and its educators have a lot to be proud of right now. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint the driving force behind numbers like Canada boasts, which includes a long-standing literacy rate of 99%, according to the CIA World Factbook. One obvious reason…


Pitbull saves Edmonton woman from a violent attack

Pitbulls usually have a bad reputation, but sometimes we hear of a heroic deed performed by one of these dogs of an often misjudged breed. A recent incident in Edmonton, Canada left a woman’s four-year old female pitbull, Mercy a heroine. About 6:30 p.m. one evening, Edmonton police were summoned to the woman’s home at 80th Street and 117th Avenue because of a reported break-in. The intruders were apparently acquaintances of the home’s resident. After a brief discussion turned violet, four men were able to push their way into the woman’s home. One man produced a machete and meant to…

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University Of Toronto Predicts Stem Cell Transformation

At the University of Toronto, medical researchers have made a major breakthrough in stem cell methodology. Their efforts could reduce wait times for stem cell applications from months to days. In addition, the breakthrough improves control over the process of developing stem cells. This may be just the step forward that researchers need for a revolution in stem cell science. Every stem cell is like a blank canvas, and researchers are racing to see what kind of treatments these blanks can become. So far the breakthroughs have saved many lives. The possibilities are considered virtually endless, but breakthroughs are slow…

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Meet the Car That Senses When You Are Distracted

Drivers today face challenges presented by so many distractions, it becomes hard to keep one’s full attention on the road. Yet for the safest driving, it’s important to try to keep focused and pay attention. Some of today’s top institutions and programs are producing graduates that have an interest in helping drivers. They’ve recently created a car that is able to sense when a driver is becoming distracted, and the car then automatically slows down. The Myth Of Multitasking Many people think that multitasking is easy and they can do it effortlessly. The truth is, people can really only effectively…

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A New Method Of Corpse Disposal Doesn’t Sit Well With Some

There is a new method for disposing of corpses. This method might be used because of the lack of space in cemeteries or to lower the cost of burials. Whatever the reason, there are some who do not like the idea of using lye to dissolve dead bodies. Humans have either burned corpse or buried them ever since time began. Now, schools that deal with this sort of thing are starting a new technique that involves letting the body sit in lye and then rinsing the remains down a sink. This is the part that does not sit well with…


New Mental Health Stats: 1 in 6 Canadians Need Help

Featured pic found here. Last year, about one in six Canadians said they needed mental healthcare. The Canadian Community Health Survey, based on a sample size of 25,000 Canadians from 10 different provinces, was done in 2012. While those results are surprising enough, the report additionally found the following statistics with regards to whether or not those stated mental health needs were met: 67 per cent said their needs were met. 21 per cent said their needs were partially met. 12 per cent said their needs were unmet A staggering 33% said their needs were either not met or only partially met….

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Africa Comes To Toronto: Lion Safari Close To Home

Picture credit: In tough economic times like these, we need to get creative and look outside of the normal to find opportunities to save money. We can’t just hold up in the house like hermits; we still need to learn and explore. Here’s a tip that may help you do both: save money and experience something new. When we think of African lion safaris, we think of that huge continent south of Europe and just east of the Atlantic Ocean. Africa is definitely the birthplace of the safari, and the best place to experience an African safari, however it isn’t the…


Canadian Finance: Do Real Estate Stocks Outperform Actual Real Estate?

Originally, Canadians used physical coins for their money – this represented real value in terms of the metal content. A paper Canadian dollar is actually an IOU supposed to represent the underlying value of a real asset. The same is true for “real estate stocks” or “real estate investment trusts” (REITs). Over the last decade, the Canadian paper real estate stocks have outperformed the physical real estate market. Derivatives & Stock Exchanges With the development of electronic stock exchanges, it is easier for paper real estate stocks to outperform actual real estate. A professional stock broker knows how to ride…

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Quebec Stays Slim Despite Never Passing on Desserts

A recent study about Canadian eating habits has discovered that residents of one particular Canadian province that has the highest consumption of dessert is also the province where residents remain the slimmest. “Eating Patterns in Canada”, as reported in a story on the Huffington Post Canada, revealed that citizens of Quebec managed to stay the slimmest despite never passing up dessert. Although Canadians overall have been found to be embracing more ethnic food options, making more gluten-free choices and consuming more healthy foods than ever before, as reported in another study released by Grocery Innovations Canada, those in Quebec were…


What’s Causing The Doctor Shortage In Canada?

Canada’s health care system has it’s flaws… and one of those is that it is currently going through a shortage of doctors. As the title suggests, there just simply aren’t enough people completing medical school and becoming doctors to keep up with the demand created by an aging population. Many other countries, notably the US and Japan, are experiencing similar issues. Here is an interesting video on the situation in Canada right from the horses mouth. Canada has introduced a new practice of allowing foreign medical students to practice medicine in Canada to help curtail this issue. The question remains,…

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As Economy Limps Back More Canadians Head To Latin America

As the world economy continues it’s slow recovery, more and more Canadians that have been on effective house arrest in the country due to financial strife are making their way back to the beautiful beaches and pyramids of Latin American. With, hopefully, the worst behind us, many people are enjoying their new found sense of liberation, modest raises, and slight uptick in home values. These factors are encouraging the once restless people to get out and enjoy life a bit. While saving levels are at an all time high, people are still not completely terrified to pull out the credit…

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Can An Artificial Kidney Take The Place Of Dialysis: Quick Video

  “Dialysis affects you by impinging on your life.. and your freedom to do what you want to do.” The above quote comes from a man who needs weekly dialysis treatments…but not all hope is lost! A project by the University of California is being funded by the US government to help speed along the process. Hopefully, once complete, although still several years off, the kidney will be available to everyone allowing people without functioning kidneys to have more opportunities to travel and live more free lives. Jonah Randash, also on dialysis, is optimistic he will be able to afford…


Insufficient Medical Technologists and Technicians Projected For 2013-2020

If you are looking for a promising career in Canada, a medical technologist or technicians could be the profession for you. Some of the occupations in this group include medical laboratory technicians, medical sonographers, medical radiation technologists and cardiology technologists. There is expected to be a demand of employees in these fields within the next eight years. Between 2011 and 2020, more than 41,000 people are predicted to seek jobs as a medical technician, and jobs are expected to be available. There will not be enough people to fill the jobs. Job expansions and retirements will help create more jobs…

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Is Bilingual Education Still Necessary In Canada?

A recent article in the Huffington Post brought up a great point. It spoke about New Brunswick being the only bilingual province left in Canada. As such, all government and state-sponsored jobs in New Brunswick require a person to be fully bilingual. Now, without getting into the debate as to what is fully bilingual, we can definitely start the conversation around the merits of bilingual education. However, before we have that conversation, we must define exactly what is bilingual education. Bilingual Education: What Is It And What Are The Benefits? As this article states, it isn’t fair for a province to…

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Paralegal And Related Services Job Outlook In Canada

Paralegals are part of the legal services industry. Lawyers may drive the car, but paralegals are the gasoline that insures the car can continue to barrel down the road at a high rate of speed. Without gas, a car doesn’t get very far. Sure, you can push it, but that isn’t the best way for a car to move. Gas is. The same is true of the legal services industry. Lawyers could do it all themselves, but they would severly limited their ability to take cases. The law of supply and demand would kick in, and lawyers rates would skyrocket….

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Unpaid Internships Are On The Rise: Good Or Bad?

Is the business world of today sending the wrong message to Canadian youth? While official numbers are difficult to come by, it is thought that unpaid internships in Canada alone run well into the hundreds of thousands. While nobody openly states that they want to abuse the youth of today, most businesses, even those that are on their soap box against unpaid internships, have an unpaid intern or two doing their less-crucial tasks. The most recent debate was sparked by an ad posted by the Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver, BC Canada. The Waterfront, part of the Marriott family, was looking…


High Projected Demand For Paramedics Over The Next Decade

Brayden Hamilton-Smith knew that he wanted to become a paramedic while he was studying at Trent University in Peterborough. He was a volunteer for the medical team and provided medical treatment for students who were sick or injured on campus. This sparked his interest in EMT training. The members of Petersborogh EMS services urged him to take the necessary training. Hamilton-Smith completed his training at Humber College Paramedic Diploma Program. He graduated in 2008. Hamilton-Smith started working for Toronto EMS the same year that he graduated. Toronto EMS has 850 paramedics, which makes it the largest emergency medical service in…


Canada’s Efforts to Stem a Continuing Doctor Shortage

Canada has long suffered from a shortage of available doctors, in large part due to outdated regulations mandating a limit on the number of doctors who can be trained in the country. This limit has left Canadian communities with few options to acquire sufficient new doctors, and even if it were to be removed, the lengthy period of time required to train a doctor means that the repeal of the limit would have no effect for approximately five years. The shortage can also be attributed to increased specialization in the medical field. Advances in medicine have necessitated specialization in order…

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Albertan Massage Therapists Impacted By New Insurance Requirements

A change in insurance requirements by two of Alberta’s biggest insurance companies has the potential to impact massage therapist salaries across the province. In October, Manulife began requiring that massage therapists have 2,200 hours of training education to qualify for insurance reimbursement; Alberta Blue Cross will do the same in May 2014. Previously, only 250 hours of training/education was required. This change is expected to have a serious effect on the estimated 3,000 Albertan massage therapists who do not meet the new requirements. Although the rule change will not preclude massage therapists from treating their clients, the loss of reimbursement…