Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Mothers Deserve Only The Best!

Mothers Deserve Only The Best!

When it comes to motherhood, we need just about all the help we can get. Any experienced mother knows that it’s no easy task, in fact it’s one of the most difficult things in the world. It’s full of loving moments that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, but it doesn’t come easily. Raising a child is fully of sleepless nights, endless hours of cleaning, worrying, and let’s not forgot the cost of it all. But with that said, there are ways you can make being a mother a little easier on yourself and that’s by treating yourself…


If you want to teach kids, head to the US (Texas)

The teacher shortage is so pronounced in Texas, teachers are now being offered student loan forgiveness. Shortages are particularly pronounced in subjects such as; computer science, foreign languages, mathematics, science and special education. Becoming a teacher in Texas is getting easier! Teachers with particular types of student loans may be able to apply for partial loan forgiveness, deferment or cancellation benefits. The type of loan forgiveness schemes include; federal teacher loan forgiveness, TEACH for Texas loan repayment assistance, Public Service loan forgiveness and Federal Perkins loan teacher cancellation. Forgiveness schemes are only available for federal loans and not private loans….

math and frustration

New math teaching methods are causing frustration among parents and children

There is a rising concern that Canadian students are failing at performance in maths when compared to other countries and it is believed that this is to do with the new method of teaching maths. Children and parents are both frustrated by this new math methodology and are calling for a move back to more traditional methods of teaching maths. Many parents are so worried about their children’s ability to do maths that they are hiring after school tutors to help teach the basics. Traditional methods revolve around memorisation and repetitiveness of math problems to enhance comprehension of the basics…


Need for early childhood educators on the rise

Early childhood educators lead children in activities to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth necessary to help them grow up into well rounded adults. Early childhood educator’s work with children aged 0-4 in early childhood centres and between the ages of 5-11 in primary schools. There is a predicted growth in this sector which is excellent news for graduates of child care education. Graduates may find work in either child day care services or in elementary and secondary schools. The majority of people finding work in this sector work full time and are predominantly female. Government regulations…


Putting the Cool Back in Education

Becoming a teacher means entering into a very respectable profession and opening many doors to advance your career.  It means putting yourself first so that you may then help as many people as possible as quickly as possible. It means dedicating your life to a life of service, regardless of the cost.  Though teachers possess knowledge, courage, passion, and are highly respected they do not live a life of glamor.  The stakes are often high and the pay is often low, however, because the quality of education varies by country there are certain countries where one may consider moving and…

elementary school

Teaching Intercontinentally: Canada to Chicago

There is no doubt that teaching is one of the most important jobs one can do.  It requires a tremendous amount of patience, empathy, selflessness, and dynamism, and durability.  Becoming a high school teacher requires one to put himself in the front lines and face the battle of a compromised educational system head on and full force. The strength of this fight is obviously dependent on where a teacher lives and where he teaches, with more challenges occurring in public school systems in big cities or in areas of the country where people have limited financial resources and, as a…


Where Do Canadian Teachers Rank In The World?

As the issue of education again comes to the forefront, Canada and its highly regarded educational system finds itself under admiring scrutiny from much of the developed world. Ranking an impressive third, despite some recent slippage in math and science, in terms of recent scores on the International Student Assessment (PISA), measuring reading, math and science, Canada and its educators have a lot to be proud of right now. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint the driving force behind numbers like Canada boasts, which includes a long-standing literacy rate of 99%, according to the CIA World Factbook. One obvious reason…

bilinguals in canada

Is Bilingual Education Still Necessary In Canada?

A recent article in the Huffington Post brought up a great point. It spoke about New Brunswick being the only bilingual province left in Canada. As such, all government and state-sponsored jobs in New Brunswick require a person to be fully bilingual. Now, without getting into the debate as to what is fully bilingual, we can definitely start the conversation around the merits of bilingual education. However, before we have that conversation, we must define exactly what is bilingual education. Bilingual Education: What Is It And What Are The Benefits? As this article states, it isn’t fair for a province to…

paralegal job outlook

Paralegal And Related Services Job Outlook In Canada

Paralegals are part of the legal services industry. Lawyers may drive the car, but paralegals are the gasoline that insures the car can continue to barrel down the road at a high rate of speed. Without gas, a car doesn’t get very far. Sure, you can push it, but that isn’t the best way for a car to move. Gas is. The same is true of the legal services industry. Lawyers could do it all themselves, but they would severly limited their ability to take cases. The law of supply and demand would kick in, and lawyers rates would skyrocket….

lady with a headset

Unpaid Internships Are On The Rise: Good Or Bad?

Is the business world of today sending the wrong message to Canadian youth? While official numbers are difficult to come by, it is thought that unpaid internships in Canada alone run well into the hundreds of thousands. While nobody openly states that they want to abuse the youth of today, most businesses, even those that are on their soap box against unpaid internships, have an unpaid intern or two doing their less-crucial tasks. The most recent debate was sparked by an ad posted by the Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver, BC Canada. The Waterfront, part of the Marriott family, was looking…