Health benefits of using recreational kayaks for physical exercise

Health benefits of using recreational kayaks for physical exercise

Today Kayaks can often be found in recreational places that have water bodies such as lakes, along ocean beaches, along navigable rivers, or on artificial lakes. Kayaks are vessels that are made to be used by one person/ paddler although there are some that are designed such that two or three people can use the kayak in tandem. A single kayaks can therefore be shared by a family, a couple, or friends.

Kayaks provide many advantages for the paddler. One of the main advantages of kayaks is that they provide the user with an opportunity to exercise their body while still enjoying other attractions.

Today people are very concerned about their health. Due to their modern lifestyles, people are finding that they do not indulge their bodies in enough physical exercises which leads them to being unfit. Not being able to engage in physical exercises or in activities that help work the body also leads to a lot of energy being stored in the body as fat. This reason makes many people turn to activities that will help them burn their body fat such as running, walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, and working out in the gym.

Kayaking is a recreational activity that helps the paddler exercise his body and is therefore a very good substitute for keeping fit and for weight management.

One of the major advantage of using the kayak as a weight management vessel or as a vessel for keeping fit is the fact that one uses many muscles while paddling. Paddling uses up muscles such as the hand muscles i.e. the biceps, triceps and fore arm muscles. The shoulder muscles are also used greatly since the arm rotates and swings while paddling. Other major muscles that are used when paddling a kayak include the chest muscles. These are most instrumental when pulling the paddles.

One also employs the use of abdominal muscles when paddling. A new paddler can attest to this fact due to the muscles pains that can be felt the following day after strenuous kayaking. Leg muscles, thigh and calf muscles are also used for providing stability while paddling. As such, it is clear that one can work out a huge part of the body by simply kayaking. Kayaks make people get very good physiques due to the whole body exercises. This can be seen from the well-built and shapely figures of frequent kayakers.

Working out using the kayak as a means for weight management is also very safe as compared to other ways of exercising. For example, exercise activities such as running are known to cause injury. Whilst running, the hard impact of the feet and the ground surface can cause damage to joint ligaments.

Other training activities’ such as weight lifting can also be hazardous. This is especially common when inexperienced people try lifting weights without the guidance of an instructor. The weights can be too heavy and fall on the person injuring them. The novice might also lift weights that are too heavy for them thus injure their muscles.

Kayaking on the other hand provides resistance against water which provides cushioned resistance that cannot cause body damage such as can be caused by solid resistance.

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