Shopping for a Trip on the Water

Shopping for a Trip on the Water

Anywhere there is a beautiful body of water, there are those of us who can’t just sit on the sidelines. Not everyone is as hardcore about kayaking as the team at A lot of people just enjoy kayaking as a way to soak in a little sun, enjoy the water, and keep themselves fit. Of course, if having a little fun on the water is your goal, then what better way to enjoy this activity than with a friend (or a loved one)? While I love doing solo trips, I also love cruising in a tandem kayak over a beautiful body of water.

Ocean Kayak 12 Feet Malibu

The Ocean Kayak Malibu is a tandem, sit-on-top recreational kayak that can work very well for one person, two people and can even support two adults and a small child along for the ride. Maximum weight capacity is 425 lbs.

The Ocean Kayak Malibu has three seating positions on top of the hull. They are located at the bow, stern and middle for paddling solo. It includes two comfort seats, one extra molded in well seat for child, carved out wells for the feet, safety straps and skid plate. Made from durable plastic and easy to store.

Lifetime Manta

This lite tandem sit-on-top kayak is made from a durable polyethylene plastic, which is perfect for kayaking through rocky water streams. It sits up to three people with two wells carved out for primary seating. These two seats come with comfortable back support. It also has a cargo area on the bow, which is perfect for carrying camping or fishing gear. Two 2-piece paddles are included at an affordable price as well as backrests. This kayak is very easy to carry and store.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

If you’re looking for a very affordable tandem kayak, this is one of the best and most affordable on the market. It is made from a durable, puncture-proof, UV-ray proof vinyl material that is perfect for trolling through calm waters. Yes, its an inflatable kayak, but it’s very well made and a perfectly capable vessel. The Intex Challenger measures 30 by 15 by 138 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs. Two comfortable, built-in cushioned seats provide maximum comfort for two people. It comes with a cargo storage net that attaches to the bow, two aluminum oars, air-pump and fast and easy repair kit.

Lifetime Sport Fisher Tandem Kayak

This tandem kayak is easily adaptable for use for one or two persons with mid-range pricing. Great for fishing in deep water with a large hull that provides optimum balance. It comes with two-seat wells (middle and stern) with comfortable cushioned seat-backs.

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