On the Water and Fishing

On the Water and Fishing

Some would argue there is no such thing as the best fishing kayak and every one you look at will have something that you want to change, customize or suit to your personality. But after 50+ hours of research and testing on top of 50+ hours from last year’s research we have determined that the $2450 Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak 2016/15 is the best available fishing kayak – it has more features including storage space and comfort than any other fishing kayak we looked at. This means it will stand up to the test of time and continue to be a great kayak long after next year’s models come out. Our pick also has a great seat that’s better than most models, pedals that add an extra appeal and the best design in its price range that we found among any other fishing kayak.

The Hobie Mirage Outback has been a staple of high end paddling kayaks for years. It has been reviewed constantly as one of the best kayaks with pedals out there and continues to impress. With the 2014 version we saw a great kayak with a few small issues but overall something that resonated with consumers. Now we see the 2016/15 version with some great improvements. Including a redone seat and added storage space. This improvement on an already great kayak and a price at $2450 below some of its costlier high end competition put it over the top to take our #1 spot as this year’s best fishing kayak pick.

If you want a fishing kayak that you can in no way shape or form beat for the price but you don’t want to spend over $500 there is actually an option for you the Lifetime Tamarack Sit On Top clocks in at under $400 and were surprised at how many actual features this kayak comes with for the amount. It comes with a hull and storage space. Make no mistake this is a budget option and is made for the occasional kayak and weekend kayaker. For a more professional kayak you would definitely want to upgrade.

If you want an alternative that can do well in almost any water conditions including large lakes and off the beaches, or in small ponds and creeks, the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 is for you. A large bow hatch and a 6″ cam lock hatch give you plenty of access to the inside of the hull. An oversized tan kwell fits most coolers or your homemade fishing crate and the transducer compatible scupper perfectly integrates with your fish finder. This boat comes in as a close second for us.

On the Water and Fishing Credit Picture License: Hobie_kayak_0108 via photopin cc