Travel Destination Guide: Toronto

Travel Destination Guide: Toronto

So you’re taking a trip up to Toronto, Quebec, Canada and you’re wanting information what to do. Toronto, in my honest opinion, is one of the most underrated cities out there. Most people stay away from Canada, especially if they’re from the South, because in their mind it’s nothing but snowy blizzard. From May through September, Quebec can be a very nice, warm place to visit. You don’t get the blistering sun that you do from states like Florida and California in the US, so the temperature itself is a good reason to head north. It may take some getting used to, especially if they’re having a fast Fall and September turns a bit icy, but keep your head up because Toronto is very much a metropolis with a lot to do and a lot to see.

The two things Toronto is known for is its massive Eaton Centre, a very bright and open shopping mall in the very center of downtown, and the CN Tower, a massive building shaped like a needle that shoots 1,815 feet into the air. The Eaton Centre and CN Tower get tons of tourists, but often times for different reasons. One of the main reasons to visit the CN Tower is its glass elevator that puts you 1,122 feet into the air where you can walk out on a glass ledge and look down. If this doesn’t churn your stomach enough, you can even pay to have a tour guide take you up further on harnesses and you can walk around the edge of the structure. The Eaton Centre, while it doesn’t have any risky heights to experience, does have over 250 stores to shop at. Besides the endless amount of shopping you can do, the actual architecture of the building is a marvel in and of itself.

If you’re looking to show off that new bikini you got, Toronto is actually a good place to do it. During the summer, you can head out to the many beaches Toronto has and spend lots of time out on the sand. Keep an eye on the weather though, because like I said, a fast and early Fall could spoil your plans. Don’t struck down though, there is lots of inspiration to make up for the foiled beach party.

For the food fanatics out there, Toronto offers more than enough to peak your taste buds. Known for its extensive China Towns and Greek Towns, Toronto definitely keep itself diverse in its food. Whether it’s Chinese, Greek, Indian, European, Italian, or American, you can find it all not too far from each other in Toronto. If you have plans to explore downtown, which you definitely should, then I’d highly recommend planning ahead and using public transportation. It can get very crowded, especially during rush hour, so bumper-to-bumper traffic could put a dent in your plans. Don’t get discouraged though, looking at the beautiful and marveling at its extreme appreciation of architecture is more than enough to pass the time.

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