What It Takes To Be A Master Chef

What It Takes To Be A Master Chef

If you have a passion for cooking and love creating new and exciting dishes than a career as a chef could be perfect for you. When choosing which culinary arts program to study there are certain considerations to bear in mind:

  1. What sort of facilities does the program offer?
  2. Are any well-known chefs associated with the college?
  3. How previous graduates have found employment?
  4. What is the student- facilitator ratio?
  5. Are there placement opportunities in well-known restaurants?
  6. What types of cooking specialities are available?

You also need to think about where your particular interests lie and what your long term goals and aspirations are. If you want to be a chef you need to be aware that your job does not only involve cooking. As a chef you are the leader in the kitchen, you will need to orchestrate other staff, train and supervise new members of staff, hire and fire staff, be involved in the hunting down and purchase of ingredients, create new dishes and produce menus. This list could go on and on, but in a nutshell the chef is the captain of the kitchen, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and to plan.

If you want the best career opportunities in the culinary world then it is important to gain a recognised qualification. Qualifications are available at all levels and could end up opening doors into your dream job. Qualifications that are gained at top universities will have employers queuing at your door. Undertaking your degree at a quality college demonstrates to your potential new boss that you have received rigorous training in all aspects of cookery.

Out of the top ten culinary schools Le Cordon Bleu has been rated the best. This school specialises in French cookery and techniques and was established in 1895. There are 16 schools throughout America. If your interest in cooking is more broad based you may consider the Culinary Institute of America. This school allows students to explore worldwide cuisine. The main campus is in New York.  Johnson and Wales University offers traditional cookery courses alongside food service management courses. The university is located in Rhode Island.

As you can see there is great variation in courses offered so it is important to research which course suits your interests and long term plans.

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