Putting the Cool Back in Education


Becoming a teacher means entering into a very respectable profession and opening many doors to advance your career.  It means putting yourself first so that you may then help as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

It means dedicating your life to a life of service, regardless of the cost.  Though teachers possess knowledge, courage, passion, and are highly respected they do not live a life of glamor.  The stakes are often high and the pay is often low, however, because the quality of education varies by country there are certain countries where one may consider moving and teaching to help offset the some of the cons of being a teacher as well as maximize the benefits as much as possible, and one such place is Canada.

Teachers in Canada have access to a variety of excellent resources, benefits, and facilities that are simply unavailable to teachers in the United States.  This is a result of the contrasting educational systems between the two nations.  Though the United Sates offers more “Top 100” colleges and universities than Canada, Canada still possesses a better elementary and high school educational system.

Class size in Canada is nearly 3% smaller than in the U.S. which means students receive more individualized attention from teachers, on average.  Canada also has nearly 11% more students enrolled in school, which means society and the media places a greater emphasis on education.

Literacy levels are also higher in Canada than in the U.S. with Canada’s reading and scientific literacy 6% higher than America’s and Canada’s mathematical literacy (proficiency) 8% higher than America’s.  As a result, Canadian high school graduates are often more qualified than American graduates when applying for jobs.

Additionally, they are also more prepared than U.S. students when beginning college.  Aside from the better education system, Canada also offers its teachers better benefits than America does.

Canadian teacher’s average nearly as much as American public school teachers, however, they receive a wider range of other job benefits than American teachers.  In Canada, teachers have access to pensions (which are being done away with in the U.S.), emergency financial assistance, better health and wellness programs, a salary indemnity plan, and health, life, and travel insurance.

Additionally, teachers in Canada are often better trained and educated than teachers in America.  They also have better job security due to unionization.  Unlike in the U.S., there are less differences in funding from one district to another and even greater funding in higher need communities.  As a result, this is far greater consistency among schools and districts in terms of teaching methods and curriculum.

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