Airline Loses Important Luggage, Family Grieves

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Photo credit here.

Jutta Kulic, who is a retired dog breeder, is distraught after finding out that her Italian greyhound, Larry, has died. Kulic was trying to transport the dog from America to British Columbia. However, the dog ran away from the employees at Air Canada and got hit by a car. The dog was hurt very badly and had to be euthanized three weeks after the accident.

Kulic had intended to give the dog to a family in the Vancouver Island Community of Campbell River, British Columbia. The Italian greyhound, which is a dog that is very good with the little ones, was supposed to be transported on October 7th, 2013. A couple of weeks later, Kulic received a phone call stating that the dog had to be put down because he was hit by a car.

There were reports released saying that Larry was spotted on a San Fransico Highway. However, the veterinarian hospital did not realize that it was the same dog until a couple of weeks after he had been euthanized.

Air Canada is in hot water. Not only did they lose a dog, but the spokesman sent an email to a CBS television reported stating that they should just ignore it because it is just a story about a lost dog. He also stated that the United States media should be focused on other things.

Air Canada has since apologized for the statements. When they found out that Larry was dead, they offered their condolences. The airline also stated that many of the employees were animal lovers and new what it was like to have one of the most intelligent of our four-legged friends. Kulic was not happy with the company’s initial response. However, she has stayed in touch with Air Canada, and they have agreed to pay the veterinary expenses for Larry.

Air Canada hopes that they can deter incidents like this in the future by reminding employees of the policies regarding animal transport. Employees have to be responsible at all times when they are handling animals. It is very easy for the largest dog breed to escape when being taken out of the crate.

Air Canada also agreed to transport Duncan and Lynda White, the couple who were supposed to pick up Larry, to Ohio to pick up Larry’s brother Leo. Kulic and the White family are still trying to decide what the next steps should be. They are thinking about asking the company for additional compensation in order to cover Leo’s vet bills. Neither Kulic nor the White Family have stated whether they are going to take legal action.