Pitbull saves Edmonton woman from a violent attack

220px-American_Pit_Bull_Terrier_-_SeatedPitbulls usually have a bad reputation, but sometimes we hear of a heroic deed performed by one of these dogs of an often misjudged breed. A recent incident in Edmonton, Canada left a woman’s four-year old female pitbull, Mercy a heroine.

About 6:30 p.m. one evening, Edmonton police were summoned to the woman’s home at 80th Street and 117th Avenue because of a reported break-in. The intruders were apparently acquaintances of the home’s resident. After a brief discussion turned violet, four men were able to push their way into the woman’s home. One man produced a machete and meant to do serious harm to the female home owner. That’s when Mercy sprang into action. She lunged at the man, taking the brunt of the blows intended for the woman.

The woman’s faithful companion received several serious, life-threatening wounds. The woman received only minor injuries, thanks to her protective pitbull. Mercy’s owner was thankful, but frantic with worry over Mercy’s condition. After Mercy’s attack, the men left the scene.

Dr. Brent Jackson is the adept veterinarian that saved Mercy. He reported that the brave pitbull received two serious gashes from the machete’s blows. The wounds had cut through the dog’s fat and muscle clear down to the bone. He related that It was apparent that the man intended to inflict serious harm and possibly death to Mercy’s owner.

Working throughout the night, officers and detectives were able to track down and capture three of the suspects. A fourth suspect surrendered to police by turning himself in later. All suspects have been charged with several crimes including breaking and entering, assault with a deadly weapon and cruelty to animals.

The Edmonton police chipped in to help pay the $400 dollar veterinarian bill.

“It was the downtown division police officers just pulling together knowing they needed to make something happen and they did it,” said Wickins.

Mercy is expected to make a complete recovery.