Meet the Car That Senses When You Are Distracted

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Photo credit here.

Drivers today face challenges presented by so many distractions, it becomes hard to keep one’s full attention on the road. Yet for the safest driving, it’s important to try to keep focused and pay attention. Some of today’s top institutions and programs are producing graduates that have an interest in helping drivers. They’ve recently created a car that is able to sense when a driver is becoming distracted, and the car then automatically slows down.

The Myth Of Multitasking

Many people think that multitasking is easy and they can do it effortlessly. The truth is, people can really only effectively do one thing at a time. If you are giving more attention to one action, other actions like driving will suffer. This might not be a serious thing when it comes to whether you reply to a text message, but it’s very serious when you’re doing an activity that could cause an accident like driving.

While it’s easy to tell drivers to pay attention, the truth is, things like tuning in radio stations and even eating are done behind the wheel every day. Now with the introduction of distracting electronic devices, drivers have almost become programmed to immediately answer any text message or email that comes in. This dangerous practice becomes even more risky in a car traveling at high speed.

Research Is Being Done To Make Driving Safer

Mechanical engineering schools are creating an interest in students to help with work being done on a new project called Mackellar. This project has been undertaken to create a car that responds when a driver is becoming distracted by slowing the vehicle down. This vehicle was named the Attention Powered Car. Depending on how distracted a driver is, the car slows down accordingly, with the intention of enhancing safety behind the wheel.

Drivers in this vehicle would be required to wear a headpiece with special sensors that detect a driver’s level of distraction. These sensors are focused on the driver’s entire brain, but the majority of the sensors keep track of information sent from the frontal lobe. This is where a lot of a person’s concentration can be most effectively measured. A signal like an alarm is sent to the vehicle, causing a reaction of slowing the speed of the vehicle.

A Long Way Away, But A Good Concept

Even though the creation of a car for daily use that slows down when drivers are distracted is most likely years away, the concept is a noble and worthwhile one. It may one day evolve into a standard device in cars. One that alerts drivers when they’re not paying attention through a signal that appears on the dashboard or on the windshield.