A New Method Of Corpse Disposal Doesn’t Sit Well With Some

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There is a new method for disposing of corpses. This method might be used because of the lack of space in cemeteries or to lower the cost of burials. Whatever the reason, there are some who do not like the idea of using lye to dissolve dead bodies.

Humans have either burned corpse or buried them ever since time began. Now, schools that deal with this sort of thing are starting a new technique that involves letting the body sit in lye and then rinsing the remains down a sink. This is the part that does not sit well with people. How could a school of science partake in this procedure? At some veterinary schools this practice is used on animals, but this is dealing with human beings. It has been used and included in the training of veterinarians for quite some time at some of the top universities in the game.

This method of disposing of corpses began about 16 years ago. The bodies are placed in a stainless steel container with heat that is about 300 degrees. There is also 60 pounds of pressure used in dissolving the body. The procedure is not offered by funeral homes in the United States or anywhere else in the nation.

So far, there are only two medical research centers that use this procedure. One center only uses the process on corpses that are donated. Some workers in the funeral world think that this might be something that could be used in the future. It would reduce the costs of a funeral, and there would not be a need to take up more space in an already overcrowded cemetery.

Proponents of the method face one huge obstacle, and that is getting the general public to see the benefits. Lye has often been associated with killers as they torture their victims and kill them in horrendous ways. It has been associated with Hannibal Lecter because of the harsh nature of the disposal. There are two states where the procedure is legal. One funeral home in New Hampshire is trying to get legislature to look at lye disposal in order to offer it at his location.

Members of the Catholic Church feel that flushing human remains down a drain is not dignified. However, those who have considered cremation as a form of burial have said they would think about the procedure. The thought process is that when you’re dead, you don’t think about where your body is, and if you’re cremated, you’re burned. What is the difference between being burned and being dissolved? The hard part will be to get others to see that same viewpoint.