Africa Comes To Toronto: Lion Safari Close To Home

african wildlife safari

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In tough economic times like these, we need to get creative and look outside of the normal to find opportunities to save money. We can’t just hold up in the house like hermits; we still need to learn and explore. Here’s a tip that may help you do both: save money and experience something new.

When we think of African lion safaris, we think of that huge continent south of Europe and just east of the Atlantic Ocean. Africa is definitely the birthplace of the safari, and the best place to experience an¬†African safari,¬†however it isn’t the only place to experience a safari. Enter the African Lion Safari in Toronto, CA. Per the resource here, the African lion safari is:

African Lion Safari is a entertaining and educational environment in which to display and propagate animals in a safe manner that gives a unique viewing opportunity to all of our visitors.

The concept is very interesting. Instead of going to Africa to see lions in the wild, the wild lions are brought to Canada, released into a big pen, and people can drive through the park and experience the lions similar to the way they would in Africa. Some of the benefits of this way are:

  • Cheaper – no airfare to Africa, no hotels, no extended periods away from work
  • Less red tape – no visas, no vaccinations, nothing required but gas and a car

While it’s exciting and convenient, there are definitely some down sides as well:

  • The animals are not actually in their environment
  • Beautiful scenery is limited to whatever they put up in the cage
  • Loss of the experience of being in Africa

Lions are one of the most interesting african safari animals on the planet. They are the most popular of the Big 5. Rounding out the big 5 are:

  • Elephants
  • Giraffes
  • Leopards
  • Zebras

Outside of them, tons of other animals exist in Africa and on safari that you won’t get to see in Torontos African Lion Safari. Wildabeast, hogs, alligators, hyenas, and various other forms of wildlife are all exciting extras to see while enjoying one of these african safaris that may fall slightly short in Toronto, CA. Additionally, the climate could be anywhere on the spectrum and likely much cooler than in Africa.

Africa is a beautiful country and definitely worth the visit. Those who are unable to go, however, should definitely make a trip to the African lion safari in Toronto and experience these majestic animals in a whole new way. Being in your car, with nothing but the glass between you and one of the most feared predators in the world, is definitely a great way to enjoy a Saturday afternoon in Toronto.