Quebec Stays Slim Despite Never Passing on Desserts

pie muffins

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A recent study about Canadian eating habits has discovered that residents of one particular Canadian province that has the highest consumption of dessert is also the province where residents remain the slimmest. “Eating Patterns in Canada”, as reported in a story on the Huffington Post Canada, revealed that citizens of Quebec managed to stay the slimmest despite never passing up dessert.

Although Canadians overall have been found to be embracing more ethnic food options, making more gluten-free choices and consuming more healthy foods than ever before, as reported in another study released by Grocery Innovations Canada, those in Quebec were found to love capping off their meals with a dessert such as pie or their favorite variety of muffins. Almost one out of every five Quebecers option to fill their dessert plate with cake as a special end of the meal treat, with almost that same number of citizens showing a fondness for cookies as their dessert of choice.

Compared with their counterparts in Ontario, the west coast and Atlantic Canada, the new study also revealed that people in Quebec tended to enjoy a full meal 112 times annually, more occasions than happen in any other province.

Those on the west coast ate the fewest full meals annually at 55, while those in Atlantic Canada enjoying the second most full meals at 89. Even though one out of two people living in Quebec is still considered to be obese or overweight, their average weight overall still made them the thinnest of any Canadian province studied.

The dietary study, done by The NDP Group, which has conducted similar studies for the past 15 years, didn’t reach any definitive conclusions about why the province eating the most sweets also tended to be the slimmest. But the study did uncover several facts about the dietary habits of Quebecers that differed from those practiced in other Canadian provinces.

Almost 30 percent of those in Quebec refrained from snacking in between meals, a practice that can tend to put on the pounds. In addition, those in Quebec who never refused dessert also tended to eat a well balanced meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner without skipping meals. It’s well known that skipping breakfast tends to slow down a person’s metabolic rate, decreasing their ability to burn fat and calories.

The “Eating Patterns in Canada” study also points out that in French speaking Canada, more people’s diets are being influenced by the French European diet. Also, more Canadians than ever are searching for delicious tasting convenience foods to make meal preparation easier and quicker.