What’s Causing The Doctor Shortage In Canada?

Canada’s health care system has it’s flaws… and one of those is that it is currently going through a shortage of doctors. As the title suggests, there just simply aren’t enough people completing medical school and becoming doctors to keep up with the demand created by an aging population. Many other countries, notably the US and Japan, are experiencing similar issues. Here is an interesting video on the situation in Canada right from the horses mouth.

Canada has introduced a new practice of allowing foreign medical students to practice medicine in Canada to help curtail this issue. The question remains, however, as to where are the Canadian-trained doctors and why are there not a sufficient amount to address this issue? It is tough to believe it is the compensation; a pediatrician salary is around 167,000 per annum according to sources. That should be more than enough to entice┬áCanada’s bright youth to get involved in medicine.

Other jobs in medicine pay equally well if not better. A non-specialized family practice doctor can make close to what a peditrician makes, while a specialized doctor like a neurosurgeon makes much more.

morticianFactors other than salary that may play into the shortage may be:

  • length of schooling
  • difficulty of study
  • cost of education
  • lifestyle/amount of work

Factors that should encourage medical school applications going forward:

  • doctor shortage means great job outlook and growth potential
  • low unemployment and a lot of opportunity
  • wages should see steady growth as supply and demand plays out

The bottom line is this: a young, smart, hard-working person today would be well-served to study medicine and help fill this void that is being created by the greatest generation.

Picture credit: http://www.qualityeducationandjobs.com/mortician/