As Economy Limps Back More Canadians Head To Latin America

Picture credit from this site.

Picture credit from this site.

As the world economy continues it’s slow recovery, more and more Canadians that have been on effective house arrest in the country due to financial strife are making their way back to the beautiful beaches and pyramids of Latin American. With, hopefully, the worst behind us, many people are enjoying their new found sense of liberation, modest raises, and slight uptick in home values.

These factors are encouraging the once restless people to get out and enjoy life a bit. While saving levels are at an all time high, people are still not completely terrified to pull out the credit card and jump on the plane to Cancun, Mexico for a cheap vacation on the beach or to run down to the South American ruins of Machu Picchu. These are all good signs as it they point to one thing: consumer confidence.

Consumers are consuming again, which is what a market needs to rebound after a recession. Once terrified hoarders are now out there spending more money than they make again encouraging this pyramid scheme we call capitalism to thrive, and worldwide tourism is thanking us.

From the Incan descendents that carry the upper-classes bags down the long Incan Trail in Machu Picchu to the little Mexican boy serving drinks to the Senorita who tips him more than he could make in an entire day working hard manual labor, people are smiling again and raking in those dollars like there’s no tomorrow.

What Are The Most Popular Destinations?

Other than the previously stated Mexican beaches and Machu Picchu, people are also heading down to Venezuela. Venezuela has been labeled one of the best places to retire based on it’s lower cost of living and it’s beautiful scenery. The food in Venezuela is so delicious it will excite even the most boring among us as well as the wine and company will make for an unforgetable time.

Should We Spend Money Right Now?

While some people are spending their sadness away, the more prudent of us are asking the responsibile question: should we spend money right now? While it isn’t smart to go crazy, the economy does need a bit of an uplift and the recovery is in sight. In the end, the economy will come back and has already slowly started… but prudence if definitely still necessary not to fall back into the same trap. There is a fine line between spending and saving that needs to be towed at all times.