High Projected Demand For Paramedics Over The Next Decade

798px-ACTAS_Paramedics-photoBrayden Hamilton-Smith knew that he wanted to become a paramedic while he was studying at Trent University in Peterborough. He was a volunteer for the medical team and provided medical treatment for students who were sick or injured on campus.

This sparked his interest in EMT training. The members of Petersborogh EMS services urged him to take the necessary training. Hamilton-Smith completed his training at Humber College Paramedic Diploma Program. He graduated in 2008.

Hamilton-Smith started working for Toronto EMS the same year that he graduated. Toronto EMS has 850 paramedics, which makes it the largest emergency medical service in Canada. Twenty-four new paramedics will be hired by Toronto EMS this year.

Hamilton-Smith stated that the reason this field is growing because paramedics are very efficient first responders. Many people believe that paramedics only deliver blankets and oxygen. On the contrary, paramedics have a number of other skills. They can administer intravenous medications, intubate people and provide many other types of advanced care.

Hamilton-Smith is a primary care paramedic. He works a 12 hour shift. He and his partner take turns driving during the shift. Surprisingly, many of the calls he receives are not life-threatening emergencies and do not require a trip to the hospital.

Chris Hood is the president of the Paramedic Association of Canada. He has stated that the number of jobs for paramedics is expecting to increase drastically within the next six or seven years. Many paramedics will be retiring soon, and new people will be needed to take the place of the retired paramedics.

Hamilton-Smith advises anyone who is interested in becoming a paramedic to work on improving their employability. There are a lot of programs that teach people how to become a paramedic, and there are several graduates. Hamilton-Smith also advises people to take additional educational courses and distinguish themselves by working hard and volunteering.